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Here are the 5 secrets that allowed me to have a magical birth. YES MAMA! It is POSSIBLE. Your birth experience can be one full of grace and confidence, allowing you to remember ever step in process with joy and gratitude.

Hi, I’m Jo.

Wife, Mama, Yogi and Unicorn Pregnancy Coach.

I believe Unicorns are special, unique and powerful creatures who remind us to believe in magic. Kind of like pregnant women!

The truth is, I didn’t think I’d have an easy time getting pregnant. At 37 years old and after having a hormonal IUD inserted for 10 years, my doctor told me it would be a long wait before I would celebrate seeing the double lines on the pregnancy test, if it happened at all.

But after only 2 months of being off birth control, I woke up very early one morning (I am not a morning person at all) and I simply “knew”. It took me 5 pregnancy tests to finally believe that I was indeed pregnant with Eliot, my magical little Unicorn.

I believe my lifestyle and the tools I used and implement were the reason that my body responded so quickly and continued to do so during my pregnancy and into my fourth trimester and now, I’ve made it my mission to use my training and experience as a Coach, yoga teacher and my own experience as a new Mom to help women who are wanting to get pregnant or who are already pregnant.

And so, MOMFIT was born.

I’m here for you, Unicorn Mama. Let’s do this together.

makes it simple and fun.

FUN? Is pregnancy really supposed to be fun?

YES! I believe it can be, with the right tools to keep your Body, Mind and Soul aligned with who you are and the kind of Mama YOU want to be (not who everyone else tells you to be).

Of course there will be hard days. Many of them. And at MOMFIT, we celebrate them, because we know “perfect” doesn’t exist.

But here’s the good thing.

With your MOMFIT Community, you’ll never have to go through a messy day alone.

What is MOMFIT?

MOMFIT is a Program that will teach you how to nourish your Body, strengthen your Mind and comfort your Soul, all within a supportive community of women with round bellies and swollen breasts.

Designed by a new mom for new moms and moms-to-be, this program will give you the tools and loving guidance you need to reduce the overwhelm and increase your confidence. If this sounds like something you need, welcome home, you’ve found your community.

clients say

I am currently pregnant, and Jo helped me to define the best way to eat during pregnancy. I struggled a lot with morning (whole day!) sickness and thought I was gaining too much weight. Jo was incredible and understanding and gave me a lot of tips that really helped me define the best way to nurture my body in this complex and beautiful period.

Rute Mom-to-Be of Santiago

I wanted to talk about Jo as a coach. She helped me to become more engaging and more confident, and she also helped me transform my health. One thing that I recognize about her as a coach is how profound she is in what she does. And sometimes she even cares more about my progress than I do. For example, I went through a group coaching pr ogram with JO, but for me, it felt like a one on one coaching program because she puts so much attention and effort into my progress that I truly felt that she cares for my progress. So if you ever hesitate to work with Jo, please don’t because she truly is profound and like I said repeatedly, she cares more about your progress sometimes than you do. And so the results will be good with her.

Liina Mom of Katie

Having worked with Jo on various occasions, I can express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for her work. Jo transformed her passion into a vocation. She is not only a coach and advisor but a true friend that is there for you when you need her. Especially during my postpartum period Jo helped me connect with other moms and support groups. She shared her experience as a mother thus helping me to understand that I was not alone in such a delicate period of motherhood. With Jo’s helping hand, you will actually enjoy the most challenging, yet beautiful, period in your life.

Maja, Mom of Danijel

Imagine how it would feel to…

  • Feel empowered and confident that you are in the driver seat of your birth experience
  • Being able to be present and enjoy every minute of the day your baby is born
  • TRUST yourself and your intuition about what’s best for you and your baby
  • Being able to remember every detail of that day
  • Work as a team with your baby to help him/her to be born into your arms
  • Being confident to ask for what you and your baby need
  • Enjoy a Pain, Stress and Guilt FREE birth so that you can focus on bonding and loving your little one
Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Well I am here to tell you IT’S POSSIBLE and you DESERVE it, you deserve all the love and support needed to navigate one of the most special times of your life.

I’m here to help.

Remember Mama…

You deserve a magical
Pregnancy, Childbirth and Recovery

Let MOMFIT show you how to have the most precious and memorable experience of your life.